CC Summit



We Believe

The Holy Spirit is calling the Church to a new renaissance: a culture of creativity, exploration, and pursuit of excellence among innovators, founded on our powerful perspective of the human person.  Join 75 other Catholic entrepreneurs, artists, thinkers and makers as we found a new forum for innovation and creativity in the Catholic world.



 We really are most effective when we operate out of a place of belonging. The Summit will not be a series of talks and workshops on specific trades or one long hu-ra rally with no practical application. Before anything else, it will be about fostering community.


Saturday nights, all weekend long.

We’ve found that the most impacting experience at conferences is usually not the big keynote, but Saturday night at the bar where attendees interact. At the CC Summit, we seek to build this interaction into every facet of the weekend.


Interactive Sessions

At the summit you will hear and share with other from the attendees their biggest mistakes, lessons, tools, causes & beliefs that have made them who they are. We see new collaborations, business alliances, and deep friendships coming out of this weekend.



Leaving Behind Scarcity

As we did with the Dallas Meetup, The sessions will ask groups to tackle big picture problems and push creatives to use their gifts together for a common cause. You will leave the summit with a wider vision than the one you had when you showed up.



We believe that the creative act is a participation in God’s divine life, so prayer will be a constant part of our time together. From chanting the liturgy of the hours, to a special prayer experience on Friday night and mass celebrated by architect priest Fr Don Fischer, we want this weekend to connect our souls to their creator.







The Summit will be held at the Weld collaborative workspace in Dallas. Rather than a hotel or conference event space, we wanted to host in a creative environment that sparks ideas. 5 minutes from downtown, 10 minutes from the living arrangements, Weld is the perfect spot for catalyzing play and thought.



We will be renting two airBnB's that can house up to 20 people (first come first serve), and we have a space at the historic Belmont Hotel.



This Event is Invite Only. 

In order to register, you'll have to get a link from us. Click below for more information and to make sure we get your email so we can reach out.