Cost: $460 for the ticket, $735 for ticket + accommodations.


Thursday Night Check In

Catholic Conference Center
901 S Madison Ave
Dallas, TX 75208


Friday & Saturday 

Life in Deep Ellum
2803 Taylor St
Dallas, Texas 75226


Friday Night

Holy Trinity Catholic Church
3811 Oak Lawn Ave,
Dallas, TX 75219


Sunday Morning Mass/Reception

Catholic Conference Center
901 S Madison Ave
Dallas, TX 75208


Event Venue

Deep Ellum

The Summit will be in Deep Ellum, the unofficial “Heart of Dallas.” Unapologetically unpolished, the Deep Ellum neighborhood is known as the place where creatives thrive, where art clings to almost every wall, and where the soul of the city thrives.


Life In Deep Ellum (LIDE)

LIDE is a cultural center in the heart of Deep Ellum, and will be the main venue for the CC Summit. LIDE boasts a coffee shop, art gallery, coworking space, and event venue - all created to further their mission of bringing the Gospel to the unchurched creatives in Dallas. The LIDE team shares Christ by living in the world, engaging in community with the homeless and suffering, and leading with beauty and vulnerability.

Learn more about Life In Deep Ellum here.

Housing for Singles

Catholic Conference Center (CCC)

A communal space for fostering friendship and deepening ties. Four houses on a spacious property with a chapel that's open 24 / 7, a fire pit, and a gazebo for the late night hangs.


Last year we got Airbnb’s for everyone and that was awesome, but this year we wanted to all stay in homes where it could still feel really familial and intimate, and all be in one place. The Catholic Conference Center in Dallas ended up being absolutely perfect for us. The Conference Center in the heart of downtown Dallas is only 10 minutes away from the main venue for the Summit. 

For more information about exactly what's included in each house, click below.


Housing for Families

La Sagrada Familia Housing

Any families attending the CC Summit still have the opportunity to grow in community with other CC Summit families because being Catholic tends to mean lots of kids!

(We got you, parents.)


La Sagrada Familia Housing consists of three apartments (¾ of a 4-plex), a tiny home in the backyard, and a townhome on the same block nearby. Any family that chooses this housing option will have a private bedroom (number of beds vary) and will share common space with only one other CC Summit family. To learn more about exactly what is included in each apartment, click below.