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A New Garden

In the beginning God created

He made us in His image, naked and without shame, co-creators with him in the garden we shared. Our sin was our loss. We covered ourselves and fled into exile, a world where we are anything but free. But God sent his Son to raise up a New Garden from the fruit of the tree of life, the cross, and now beckons us back. But to go back, we have to remove the leaves that cover us.

This year’s Summit will be a cry for a belonging, unity, identity, and hope among creatives such that they are free to unleash the New Renaissance the world so desperately needs.


Why Come to The CC Summit?



What is the value of a relationship? It's hard to quantify, but it's the highlight that we hear over and over again from past attendees. We've heard stories of alliances developing between formerly competing organizations at the bar on Thursday night. Families have picked up and moved across continents to work with each other because two guys bunked together at a CC Summit AirBnB. Marriages came out of the Friday night banquet last year.  It's hard to quantify the power of a relationship, but our relationships, more than anything else, are often what define us.




We believe that it's often the grassroots heroes that no one has ever heard of who carry the most influence. The Summit will be attended by many of the most influential thought leaders in the Catholic world, some you know of, and some who like to stay out of the limelight. Just to give you an idea of the massive reach of some of the attendees from last year, here are a few stats. Our 75 attendees had a total of:





Though business networking and valuable relationship building happens at the summit, that's not what makes it special. The summit, for many, is a life changing experience of belonging, affirmation, and renewal. Here are a few quotes from our past attendees to give you an idea of how the experience impacted them:


This Year's Prospective Speakers


Still seeking speakers for this year's summit. Want to hear from someone? Let us know. ( We're especially looking for some ladies) 


This Event is By Invite. 

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See photos of what went down last year!