La Sagrada Familia Town House


Shared apartment / townhome with other CC Summit families

AirBnB Apartment Complex / Townhouses
1416 South Akard Street
Dallas, TX 75215

Any families attending the CC Summit still have the opportunity to grow in community with other CC Summit families with this shared townhome!

Located in The Cedars, a dynamic neighborhood adjacent to the artistic Deep Ellum where the main CC Summit will be taking place, families staying at La Sagrada Familia Housing boast a very convenient 6 minute drive to the main venue.

La Sagrada Familia Housing consists of three apartments (¾ of a 4-plex), a tiny home in the backyard, and a townhome on the same block nearby. Any family that chooses this housing option will have a private bedroom (number of beds vary) and will share common space with only one other CC Summit family.

This housing option is for you if you…

...want to bring your family to the CC Summit (whether it’s your spouse, or the whole gang)
...want to grow in community with other CC Summit attendees and their families
…want the convenience and economy this deal has to offer
...don’t mind sharing common space with another family for the weekend

This housing option is NOT for you if you…

...are attending as a single person (check out the Catholic Conference Center option!)
...need more privacy for your family

All housing options in La Sagrada Familia housing vary in size and accommodations. If you think you may want to purchase this option, or if you have any questions before moving forward, please contact Augusta D’Ambrosio ( to talk through your needs for your family so the CC Summit team can figure out if we can accommodate all your housing needs.