Catholic Conference Center (The CCC)
901 S Madison Ave, Dallas, TX 75208

A communal space for fostering friendship and deepening ties.

Last year we got airbnb’s for everyone and that was awesome, but this year we wanted to still all stay in homes where it could still feel really familial and intimate, but all be in one place. The Catholic Conference Center in Dallas ended up being absolutely perfect for us. The Conference Center in the heart of downtown Dallas only 10 minutes away from the main venue for the Summit. The Bishop Arts District, is a rough around the edges and unpolished neighborhood in an up-and-coming district where small businesses and creatives have flourished. It’s an awesome location for Catholic Creatives excited to be inspired throughout the weekend.

The Catholic Conference Center is a cluster of buildings on a large, communal property - including, four houses of shared housing for CC Summit attendees, a 24/7 chapel, outdoor seating with a fire pit, and a gathering hall. We will be hosting the Thursday night Gather Event at the CCC, and anyone staying on-property will be pampered with all of the on-site accoutrements and conveniences of staying there.

The houses are all dormitory style with shared bathrooms, a kitchen (refrigerator, microwave, and coffee-maker), and a large common room to network and unwind after a long day of inspiration.

Each house has 25 individual twin beds, 7 bedrooms per house, and 4.5 bathrooms.

As opposed to last year’s Summit, all of the housing is on one property which has the supreme advantage of allowing CC Summit attendees to relax, network, and grow in community with the majority of attendees during free time.

This housing option is for you if you…

...want to grow in community with other CC Summit attendees
…want the convenience and economy this deal has to offer
...want to be nearby downtown Dallas to explore the city more
...don’t mind sharing a room with others

This housing option is NOT for you if you…

...are coming with your family / significant other (click here for housing options for families)
...hate community

All housing options include transportation to and from the airport.